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Glitterberry Reflective Glitter Gel Polish

Glitterberry Reflective Glitter Gel Polish

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Our must-have ultra reflective glitter polish!

All gel polishes are required to cure under a LED/UV nail lamp.


1.  Prep the natural nails.  Apply NBC sticky base coat, and cure for 60 seconds in a LED/UV nail lamp.

2.  Apply 1-2 coats of the Reflective Gel Polish, cure each coat 60 seconds in an LED/UV nail lamp.

3.  Apply NBC Top Coat Gel, and cure for 60 seconds

To capture the GLITTERS, be sure to use the FLASH on your phone!

Note: The reflective effects can only be seen/captured through phone camera and in real life at certain angles and certain lightings only.


Please bear in mind that the colors shown may vary slightly due to differences in color and resolution settings on various electronic devices. Nonetheless, we have made every effort to ensure that our product images are as accurate and precise as can be.

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