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Build Me Up Hard Base - Milky White

Build Me Up Hard Base - Milky White

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Our HEMA-free Builder Gel is ideal for shaping, lengthening, and strengthening natural nails. This hard base builder gel offers exceptional durability, lasting for weeks without breaking. As it is not rubber based, applying a base coat is recommended for adhesion.

The builder gel can be used over a tip for nail extensions and is also suitable for infills. Please note that the actual color may vary slightly from the images shown on our website.

Important: This builder gel is intended for professional use only.

Application Instructions:
1 Prep the Nail: Properly prepare the nail surface.
2 Apply Sticky Bond Base: Apply a sticky bond base coat and cure under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
3 Apply Slip Layer: Apply a slip layer and cure under a UV/LED lamp for at least 60 seconds.
4 Apply Bead: Place a bead of gel on the nail and work it down the nail. Then using a liner brush around the edges, carefully avoiding the cuticles.
5 Final Cure: Cure under a UV/LED lamp for at least 60 seconds.
6 Apply Design/Top Coat: Finish with your desired design or top coat and cure for 60 seconds.

Size: 15ml

Any UV/LED 48w+ lamp is suitable to cure all of our products

For any additional assistance or inquiries, please contact our customer support team.

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